PoE Kit for WindFall Frame for Conference Rooms

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Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Adapter & Power Injector for use WindFall Frame for Conference Rooms

Combine this kit with an ethernet cable (sold separately) to deliver inexpensive power to your WindFall Frame for Conference Rooms. Installing conventional power outlets near your conference rooms to power your conference room schedulers is expensive and impractical. To conveniently and affordably deliver power, PoE Kit allows you to run an ethernet cable through your ceilings and door frames to act as a long extension cord.

The kit includes both the power supply for sending power through the ethernet cable, and the power splitter for converting that power to charge your iPad mini. 

This kit is NOT compatible with 802.3af PoE switches and routers. For 802.3af compatible solutions, and other solutions for powering multiple WindFall Frames for Conference Rooms, please contact service@hecklerdesign.com.

In The Box
  • Power supply
  • PoE power injector (24v dc output
  • 100/240 VAC input 50/60 Hz)
  • PoE power splitter
  • Female USB connector